Emotional Mindset for Eating Change

Minset for eating Change

A few minutes of mental preparation will increase your odds of success by 50%.

When you decide to make ANY type of change you see 3 things in your mind:

1- Your starting point (where you are now)
2- Your end point (where you want to be)
3- What lies in between

The problem is #3.
Like the man in the image above, it seems a formidable task. The goal is so far away with so much to do to get there, and in that instant you feel demoralized.

Enter the Diet Scams

Immediately your mind starts looking for another way and sets you off in a different direction. It scans the world for alternatives and finds plenty of peddlers who have just what you need. Of course you know they are deceptions, don’t give them a second thought and keep looking for that special ‘one’.

That special one is the one you will ALLOW … to fool you.

It needs to be packaged and tailored just right, with lots of effort being put into marketing and a trendy ‘look’. It needs to have the words, ‘scientific studies’ thrown in here and there with a few celebrity and talk show endorsements, along with swift results.

When your criteria is met you bite, and then become all excited that your goal will be met within weeks if you just send in $59 a month, drink a shake with special herbs or eliminate ‘the’ problem food group.

Then, when it doesn’t work, you can blame them instead of yourself.

They had doctors and were experts and had all of these real testimonials and how were you supposed to know?

Deep down though, you did.

Let me clear that this is not to criticize you in any way. This somewhat unconscious process of finding an easier way to a tough problem is something that everyone does some of the time. It is a way of coping with what’s difficult and there is a lot of difficulty in our lives already.

It’s Hard to Endure

The reason we become demoralized when we get to #3 above is because it’s hard to be in our own skin when we are overweight. We look in the mirror and feel shame and disgust and want that problem to go away NOW. We hate it! And then to think we have to live with it for 6 months to a year – the time it takes to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable fashion – is too much to withstand. So we opt for quick fixes.

It’s perfectly understandable and nothing to be ashamed about.

A Much Better Alternative

When you are overwhelmed after the #3 realization above, allow yourself to feel the discomfort and the protests within. Let them have their say and then talk to yourself. Tell yourself that you have a few options:

– You can look for a faster, more desirable way which would make you feel better for a short time. You may even lose some weight initially with this faster way, but eventually you’d be right back to where you are now.

Or …

– You can go the slow and steady route and get lasting results.

The answer you’ll get from yourself is that both options are lacking obviously (which means they both SUCK), in which case you’ll continue the conversation with something along these lines:

“It’s true that by taking the slow and steady route that you won’t go from being a size 18 to a size 6 anytime soon. You assume though that until you are a size 6 you’ll be miserable. That you’ll feel this same way (with this same intensity) about yourself until you’ve arrived at your size 6 end goal, and so the slow and steady route isn’t worth the effort.

This simply isn’t true.

Confidence and contentment come from moving in the right direction. When you do get to a size 14 in 3 short months, you’ll be ecstatic. Your friends will notice and you’ll look different in pictures. You’ll need some new clothes and your determination to continue will be strengthened. The misery you feel now WILL be much less than before and you’ll see that it is indeed worth it. In fact you’ll wish you had started earlier.”

You can change the above self talk in many different ways to suit what resonates best in your mind. The key to this emotional mindset preparation is to be aware of the fact that rewards will come with less change than you thought you would have needed. And, that your hostile, critical thoughts and feelings about your body will decrease to a level that is much easier to endure too.

For this to work you’ll have to do it over and over again, many times per day at first. Give yourself constant reminders of the good that comes with slower change, by mentally holding those rewards up in front of your face. This will keep you motivated. Think of how it would FEEL to be a size 14 or achieve whatever small change you managed to get. Think of how much better that would be that being where you are now.

It works.

Become conscious of your internal dialogue and steer yourself in a different direction.

Remember too that the time will pass anyway.

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