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Writing Guidelines – 2 Options


  • Tell a story. Your post will be much better received if it’s personal.
  • Aim for at least 1000 words.
  • Sample Template: Start with how emotional eating affects you. Tell us about your struggles and how you feel you’ve gotten there, offer up your personal insights into your emotional eating and finally share your tips that you have felt worked for you.

2- Send us your best healthiest, cheat meal/snack tips. Write up a good page listing your favorites. Tell us how you make them, why you like them, how they compare to other snack foods, why they are healthier than the average junk food, how you work them into your day and anything else that would be interesting or entertaining to know. Give us the story behind how you discovered them or how you go about looking for healthier alternatives! List a minimum of 4 favorites – we’ll include the pics unless you have some handy.

*** You can post as ‘anonymous,’ use a made-up name or your first name. An email address can be included in case you’d like feedback and support from others but is completely optional. Also, we’ll add an image to go with your post ourselves.

Webmaster Guidelines

  • Your post can lean heavily towards emotions or diet but make sure the two are linked in some small way. We can all use help in both areas.
  • Original posts only please. Original means your post has never before been published anywhere, including your own blog, and does not include any sections taken from a previously published post.
  • Keep paragraphs to three sentences or fewer. Include a bio, sixty words or fewer, at the bottom of the post. You can include 1 link in your bio, and 1 in your text. If you’d like to include a photo in your bio, please ensure it is no bigger than 119 px wide.
  • Reserve self-promotion to your bio (as opposed to marketing a business, course, workshop, or service directly in the post). Please note that links in the body of the post may be removed.

How to Submit

  • Send your post via email to with the title in the subject line.  You can choose to include your name, email address, blog etc. Or, if you’d prefer to be anonymous I suggest you make up a username so that any future posts you may decide to send in can be linked together. Alternatively, you can also use the form on the contact page if you prefer.

A bit More

If your post meets the above criteria you will receive a response within two weeks. If there are any issues, you’ll get an email asking for clarity etc.

In any case, you will get a reply 🙂

You may be asked to revise your post to make it clearer or a bit more in depth, and your proposed title may be changed before the post goes live.

Your post may be edited for clarity and grammar.

Thank you for sharing! You never know what positive impact your post may have on yours and other’s lives.