About the EatingLove.org Guide

  • Steady and Sustained Results

    With this guide you can expect bona fide substance that is simple to implement. It is an engaging and understanding read, and a guide to use for life.

  • PDF Format

    After purchase, the guide will be available for download instantly in PDF format. PDFs can be opened up in mobile devices and can also be printed if you prefer a hard copy.

  • Pain Free Steps!

    The EatingLove.org Guide is a pain free method that involves a few simple mental exercises done once each day. Deprivation or eccessive willpower are NOT part of the plan.

  • Time Limited

    A few minutes per day are all that is required to see results. Apart from that you'll need one item from the dollar store and you're ready to go.

  • What is Different

    This guide doesn't contain endless affirmation or written exercises, hype or anything else of that nature. What it does do is lay out a clear path for anyone to follow.

  • Delivering Value

    The benefits are both immediate and long term. This guide takes on the issue of overeating from a whole different place than most everything else you'll come across.

Change Your Emotional Programming

How It Works

The Eating Love Guide was written as both a learning tool and a program to help those struggling with excess weight due to emotional overeating.

The first chapters are geared towards obtaining a deep understanding of the problem and has the reader trace the root of the issue. This initial understanding is crucial to enable any lasting change and is an important part of a process that other weight loss methods usually do without.

  • Benefits are immediate and effortless.
  • Guide is easy to follow and involves a few simple steps.
  • Change is progressive and builds on each previous action.
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Fine Print and Technical Jargon

The Eating Love Guide is an e-book that, once purchased, can be instantly downloaded in pdf format. PDF is a file format by Adobe Systems that work on all computers and devices free of charge.

The Eating Love Guide also has a 60 day refund policy for cases of fraud etc. In the event that you feel one is warranted, please contact us by email via the contact page. Please also include your order number in the email. All replies are processed by a member of our team within 48 hours between Monday and Friday.


A word from the Author

The average person will likely spend upwards of $150 for each 1 HOUR session with a therapist or dietician to deal with an emotional eating issue.

10 sessions are what are usually recommended by the therapists to ensure some resolution of the problem. With therapy or councilling comes travel time and other transitional expenses. Then add on the cost (in terms of time) of research and effort that goes into delving into an issue like this and the conclusion is pretty straighforward.

The benefit of all of THAT can be instantly downloaded here instead, and practiced at home, costing you a mere 2% of what therapy or councilling would have.

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